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Visa Application Instructions (Click here for Amharic Version)

1. Documents to Submit

  • Visa application form done in one copy (click on the visa application forms on the top left of the screen to down load)
  • One recent passport-size photograph of the applicant
  • Passport with at least three months validity (applicants who require 6 months to a one year visa should have their passport valid for the duration of stay)
  • In case of business visa, support letter from the employing company or invitation letter from the host company in Ethiopia
  • Residence permit for non Swiss passport holders
  • Proof of payment of the right amount of fees for the required visa type (see below for fee amount and method of settlement)
  • Travel itineraries of the applicant or attestation letter from ones travel agency for making seat reservations for the intended journey can be useful

2. Filing the applications
Visa applications may be filed at the Permanent Mission either by post or by showing up in person at the Mission during working hours of the Mission.

2.1 By Post:
Applicants shall submit all the required documents stated herein above under '1' together with self addressed envelop. Applicants based in Switzerland, please include a self addressed stamped envelop for their return mail worth six CHF. Those outside Switzerland, please include 12 CHF equivalent coupon available your post office.

Proof of payment of the right amount of fee for the requested visa type is necessary. If prove of the right amount of visa fee is not attached with your visa application documents, your visa request will not be processed.

While applications by mail are encouraged, the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia is not responsible for passports or other documents lost. Therefore, the Mission recommends all applicants to use registered mail.

2.2 In Person:
Applications could be submitted during working hours of the Mission. If all supporting documents are provided, the visa shall be processed on the spot.

2.3. Visa on arrival:
If you are Swiss and Austrian national and if you cannot collect your visa from the Mission due to various reasons of your own, and if you wish so, it is possible to get it on arrival at the entry points in Ethiopia. Your travel agency will assist you in this regard.

3. Settling visa fees:
Visa fee settlements should be done through the Mission's account. Your proof of payment is a print out of the UBS slip confirming transfer of exact amount to the Mission's account (
UBS Account No. 0279 C811 6140 0). The payment shall not include the bank transfer fee. Please note that any amount deposited into the mission's account will not be returned. We urge you to transfer the right amount. The full address is:

Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations Office at Geneva
and Other International Organizations in Switzerland
56, Rue de Moillebeau
P.O. Box 338
1211 Geneva 19

Account details:
Name: Permanent Mission of Ethiopia
UBS Account No.: 0279 C811 6140 0
IBAN: CH06 0027 9279 C811 6140 0


4. Amount and type of visa

Visa type
Good For
Duration of Stay
Diplomatic passport
Service passport
1 month*
32 CHF.
3 months
48 CHF.
6 months
64 CHF.
1 month*
32 CHF.
3 months
48 CHF.
6 months
80 CHF.
1 Year
160 CHF.
32 CHF.
48 CHF.
Student *
32 CHF.
Identification Card for Ethiopian origin:
ID card  
5 years
USD 100**
ID card renewal    
USD 40
ID card (lost)    
USD 60


* Please note that the visa is valid for a period of one month from the date of issue.

*Student visa shall be issued to a foreigner who is going to ethiopia for education . Documents which show admission to the institution and financial means to cover the educational and accommodation expenses are required .

** convertable to CHF on daily rate.

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