Registration Guideline for NGO
Requirement for Adoption

Registration Guideline for a Non Profit Making Foreign Organization (NGO)

Foreign Charities requesting permits to work in Ethiopia shall meet the following requirements:

1. Foreign Charities shall present the following documents to the Embassy of Ethiopia found in their country of incorporation or if stationed abroad to the Ethiopia Embassy residing there.

1.1. Duly authenticated certificate of registration showing its establishment from its
Country of origin.

1.2. Program and Rules of procedure evidencing their fields of activities.

1.3. Proof of the decision of the competent Board of the Charities to operate in

1.4. Letter of recommendation by the ministry of Foreign Affairs or Agency
Responsible for charity affairs in which the Charity is incorporated showing its fields of activities and objectives.

1.5. Project profile indicating the activities which the Charities plan to carry out in
Ethiopia with the cost breakdown.

1.6. The operational budget the Charities have allocated for Ethiopia; along with
Provisions showing its preparedness to spend 70% of its budget for projects and 30% for administrative purposes.

1.7. Power of Attorney of the Charities representative in Ethiopia.

1.8. The representative shall present a certified educational qualification and CV. He
Should at least hold a diploma.

1.9. In addition the representative.

• Should meet all the requirements enumerated in Article 70 sub-article 1-5 of the Proclamation.

• Be responsible to carry out the objectives of the Charities faithfully and that he will be charged under Article 92 sub-article 2 of the Proclamation if found to digress his responsibilities.


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