Registration Guideline for NGO
Requirements for Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies are required to submit documents stated hereunder,

1. Authenticated Assessment Report of the work of the Agency by the supervisory Authority in the country of formation.

2. Authenticated copy of a written guarantee from Government Institution affirming its responsibility for the children in case the Agency discontinues its work in Ethiopia or in the country of formation due to various reasons.

3. The condition in which the children it previously adopted from Ethiopia are found and their list.

4. Renewed and authenticated certificate of registration that stipulate the applicant to be an adoption agency.

5. Whenever the organization assigns the country representative, the candidate /nominee should have a college/university education background and sufficient experience in the field.

6. In addition to adoption activities applicant agencies should produce a project proposal not a project profile (in any social development sector) to be implemented in Ethiopia after registration.


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