Cabinet Members

H.E Ato Addisu Legesse, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture.

H.E Ato Tefera Waliwa, Minister of Capacity Building.

H.E Dr. Sintayehu Wolde-Michael, Minister of Education .

H.E Ato Grima Biru, Minister of Trade and Industry .

H.E Ato Junedi Sado, Minister of Transport and Communication.

H.E Dr Kassu Illala, Ministers of Work and Urban Development.

H.E Ato Sufian Ahmed, Minister of Finance and Economic Development.

H.E Ato Melaku Fenta, Minister of Revenue.

H.E Ato Siraj Fegisa, Minister of Federal Affairs.

H.E Ato Assefa Kessito, Minister of Justice.

H.E Ato Kuma Demeksa, Minister of National Defense.

H.E Ato Seyoum Mesfin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

H.E Ato Berhan Hailu, Ministry of Information.

H.E Ato Asfaw Digamo, Ministry of Water Resource.

H.E Ato Aster Mamo, Minister of Youth and Sport.

H.E W/ro Hirut Delebo, Minister of Women Affairs.

H.E Ato Mohammed Dirir, Minister of Culture and Tourism.

H.E Ato Alemayehu Tegnu, Minister of Mines and Energy.

H.E Ato Hassen Abdella, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

H.E Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, Minister of Health.

Ato Shiferaw Jarso will also be member of the council in accordance with the proclamtion article 6 sub-article 1(d)

State Ministers

1. Ato Fikru Desalegn and Belete Legeso, State Ministers of Capacity Building.

2. Dr. Adhana Haile, Wondwosen Kiflu and Fuad Ibrahim, State Ministers of Education.

3. Ato Tadesse Haile and Ahmed Tusa, State Ministers of Trade and Industry.

4. Dr. Abera Deresa, Ahmed Nasir and Yacob Tola, State Ministers of Agriculture and Rural Development.

5. Ato Getachew Mengiste, State Minister of Transport and Communication.

6. Ato Arkebe Iqubai, State Minister of Work and Urban Development.

7. Ato Mekonnen Manyazewal, Ambassador Birhanu Kebede and Mamo Gito, State Ministers of Finance and Economic Development.

8. Ato Tezera Wodajo, State Minister of Revenue.

9. Mae'regu Hailelmariam, State Minister of Federal Affairs.

10. Dr. Kebede Worku, State Minister of Health.

11. Dr. Hashim Tewfiq and Semegn Wube, State Ministers of Justice.

12. Major General Haile Tilahun, Sultan Mohamed and Kashaun Dendir, State Ministers of Defense.

13. Dr. Tekeda Alemu and Nega Tsegaye, State Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

14. Ato Tesemma Fote, State minister of Information.

15. Ato Adugna Jebesa, State Minister of Water Resources.

16. Ato Abdisa Yadeta, State Minister of Youth and Sport.

17. W/ro Ubah Mohammed Hussien, State Minister of Women's Affairs.

18. W/ro Tadelech Delecha and Mohamuda Gaas, State Ministers of Culture and Tourism.

19. W/ro Sinknesh Ejigu, State Minister of Mines and Energy.

20. W/ro Zenebu Tadese, Mohammed Mealin Ali, State Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs.

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