Ethiopia participated in the UN Women’s Guild- UNWG- Bazaar held in Geneva

The permanent Mission of Ethiopia in Geneva participated in the United Nations Women’s Guild- UNWG- Bazaar on 21 November 2017 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The United Nations Women’s Guild is an organization where international friendship and understanding continually grows; where women from more than a hundred countries share opportunities for recreation, learning and voluntary service; where fundraising activities to assist needy children are a primary goal.
The bazaar has become the premier event in the international community. This year Bazaar was attended by more than 6000 exhibitors and visitors.


Our Mission has participated in the Bazaar with local food staffs, coffee shows and displays. The colourful Ethiopian display was unique as it offered exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to participate in the authentic traditional coffee ceremony.
Apart from this, it also provide exhibitors and visitors a taste of Ethiopia`s national cuisine. Above all, the cultural food and coffee ceremony show created a chance to demonstrate Ethiopians cultural assets. Exhibitors and visitors were briefed about Ethiopia’s organic coffee, cultural food.