Ethiopia shared experience in return and reintegration of migrants in 10th GFMD Summit


Ethiopian delegations lead by Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN at Geneva, H.E. Ambassador Negash Kibret is participating on the 10th Global Forum on Migration and development which is being held from June 28-30 in Berlin under the theme “Towards a Global Social Contract on Migration and Development.” Ethiopia served as a panelist and moderator of the round table discussion held on June 28/2017, under the theme “Fostering the Development Impact of Returning Migrants.” Ambassador Negash highlighted that return migrants should be voluntary, safe, and in dignified manner. He emphasized on the need of upholding the human rights of migrants irrespective of their status. He shared the experience of Ethiopias’ in return and reintegration of migrant workers, specifically those who returned from Saudi Arabia in 2014. He explained government efforts in social, economic and phyco-social reintegration of returnees through counseling, skills training and small and micro enterprise development. Ethiopian government whole of society (civil society) and whole of government approach (ministries and regional government and local authorities), and inclusion of returnee migrants into the national employment creation program was also highlighted.

The issue of coordination between destination and origin countries, the need for enforcing international human rights and labor standards, strengthening regional and global migration governance mechanisms was also noted. He in particular emphasized that unless reintegration of migrants is dealt in a sustainable way, it could serve a negative incentive and a good reason remigration and called for greater international cooperation